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Rob Thomas-Smooth

18. července 2007 v 12:48 | Ka(t)chenka |  Texty písní
Man, it´s a hot one
Like seven inches from the midday sun
Well, I hear you whisper
And the words melt eveone
But you stay so cool
My Munequita
My spanish harlem Mona Lisa
You´re my reason for reason
The step in my groove
And if you said
1-This life ain´t good enough
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
Cause you´re so smooth
2-And it´s just like the ocean
Under the moon
Well, that´s the same the emotion
That I get from you
You got the kind of loving
That could be so smooth
Give me your heart
Make it real
Or else forget about it
I´ll tell you one thing
Well, if you would leave
It´d be a crying shame
In every breath and every word
I hear your name calling me out
You hear my rhythm on your readio
And you feel the turning of
The world so soft and slow
It´s turning you´ round and ´round
And if you said
(repeat 1, 2, 2)
Well, go forget about it....
Give me your heart, make it real, or else forget about it

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